We do all the heavy lifting

After getting a sense of your needs, we design a floor plan that incorporates pieces you already have and love plus what you're looking for.  We then create a digital mood board which includes new furniture, fabric, accessories, etc., with price and style options. All purchases are made with our trade discount. We handle everything from coordinating the laborers to accessorizing the finished product and will visit the site as much as necessary to get the job done. 

Email for inquiries and pricing


CeCe's House sneak peek (soon to be in elle decor)

Sara and her team rock! I’m so in love with my house and it’s all thanks to them!
— CeCe, New Orleans


Decorating help at a fraction of the cost

Email us photos of the rooms that need attention, plus your needs. After an initial phone call (or site visit), we create a digital mood board with sketches, layouts, furniture, paint and fabric ideas.  You make all purchases and coordinate laborers to complete the job, as well as install. We love doing a final site visit to help move around furniture, hang art and style.

Email for inquiries and pricing


Liz's Apartment

I never had the time to pull my place together. I called Sara one day, she came over and we brainstormed a plan. The next thing I knew my apartment was done, and I was living like a grown up!
— Liz, New York