7 Dream Kitchen Appliances Picked By Sara Ruffin Costello


February's Guest Editor Shares Her Dream Appliances


“I have a fantasy that my family will make healthy homemade pizza together, like the Paltrow-Martins.” Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, 30" W × 30" D × 20" H, $6,795. kalamazoogourmet.com.


Ice Machine

“People make special trips to my friend Vesta’s house for her shaved-ice drinks.” Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine, 15" W × 22¾" D × 33½" H, from $3,662.scotsmanhomeice.com.



“My chef-y husband is always packing mandoline ‘heat’ wherever we go. Literally, he doesn’t leave home without it.” Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline, 14" W × 5" D × 6" H, $70. oxo.com.

Ice Cream Maker

“This is the fastest ice cream maker in the Western Hemisphere. Period.” Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker by Whynter, 18½" W × 11" D × 10" H, $279. homedepot.com.

Yogurt Maker

“I’m feeling like homemade yogurt might be the new kale.” Yogurt Maker with Seven Jars by Dash, 9" W × 9" D × 4¾" H, $40. hsn.com.

Sous Vide System

“It’s the only appliance I’ve found that cooks poached eggs perfectly every time.” Sous Vide Center by Caso, 12½" W × 14" D × 10½" H, $500. williams-sonoma.com.


“Induction Is Both Smart And Pretty. Old-Fashioned Ranges Simply Can’t Compete With Its Precise, All-Over Even Heating.” CX 491 Full Surface Induction Cooktop, 36" W, $6,049. Gaggenau-Usa.Com.