Studying Sara

Last night’s panel with Domaine Home was rollicking good fun and I very much enjoyed chatting with Sara Ruffin Costello who was also on the panel with me. We’ve crossed paths before but never really had a chance to talk.  

Now that she’s living in New Orleans, those chances are few and far between so this was a treat.  Domaine Home recently featured one of the rooms in her house, the rest are waiting to be shot for a magazine. I thought it was interesting to see how her style has changed since her old living room was featured in Domino magazine.  The wall color is similar I find intriguing. Sara said she’s been all about getting rid of old place holders and also parring down. She’s less interested in gallery walls of art and instead is looking for large scale photography now. The moral of this story, is that we should always be evolving whether it’s in our design style or in our life overall. 
Bon weekend! 

Photos for Domaine Home by Andrew Arthur

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